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We’d like to thank you for your ideas. We are organising a closing event on 14.2 at 17 o’clock in the Oulu City Library. You are welcome to join. In the event we are going to discuss with the idea makers how to further develop the most popular ideas. Welcome!

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Ou jees!

The City Centre with a pulse

How could living, spending time, and enjoying yourself in the city centre become even more appealing? What concrete things would you bring into our city centre to make it a versatile living space for all Oulu people?

Ou jees!

Village life rules

What would make life more vibrant in the villages and city districts of Oulu? How could services become even more functional and participation in local decision-making more fluent? Would you like to organise local activities yourself?

Ou jees!

Culture for everyone

What kind of cultural services is Oulu calling for? Have you been longing for things like food festivals or architecture that attracts tourists? Or something completely different? Tell us your suggestions for promoting a richer culture in Oulu.

Ou jees!

Nature nearby

Is nature and greenness close to your heart? What could make our city even more friendly in an environmental sense? Have you been wondering how Oulu could utilise its nature and peaceful environment more effectively?

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Culture for everyone


Kierikkikeskus tunnetuksi paikallisille asujille ja matkailijoille. Bussikuljetukset Oulusta sekä ympäristökunnista Kirikkikeskukseen.

Culture for everyone

Kiikut vesitorniin

Turvalliset kiikut Puolivälinkankaan vesitornin huipulle ja lasi-igluravintola. Olisi mahtava kiikkua "tyhjän" päällä. Kuka uskaltaa? Luulisin että monet haluaisivat kokea elämyksen.

Culture for everyone

Hiihtomajan läheisyyteen kahvila/kioski

Kahvila-kioski Auran majan lähettyville tai muuhun vastaavaan paikkaan. Kahvila helpottaisi hiihtoretkiä lasten kanssa. Myös pitkien lenkkien yhteydessä voisi pitää helpommin taukoa.

Culture for everyone

Chamber music for everyone: to the core of music together

AFirstTimeInFinland project aiming at reversing the"rules"of chamber music (essential part of a cultural capital and most powerful human experience): audience and musicians would be equally involved!

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